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Kai has such a gentle way of massaging dogs and I feel as if she can read their language by her hands. My dogs immediately felt a sense of relaxation from her massages. I highly recommend Kai for her professionalism, deep understanding and her gift
~ Lisa McTavish



Power Paws Animal Wellness Massage is proud to be providing Animal Massage workshops and Animal Reiki courses and seminars for dogs and cats or even small furry friends of any age, size & temperament. It is a HEALING and HOLISTIC approach to animal HEALTH care.

Massaging animals is the perfect way of caring for your four legged friends and has many positive benefits: It calms nerves, boosts confidence, improves behaviour, soothes aches and pains, stimulates muscle tone, promotes a gleaming, healthy coat and creates an extra-special bond between you and your pets.

Animal Massage is more than petting. It
is a deliberate and focused technique of touching, the manipulation of muscles and skin to promote well-being in our animal companion on both a physical and emotional level.  Through regular massage sessions, you can make a real difference to your animal's complete well-being. Explore the use of Animal massage, Animal Reiki and Animal reflexology to improve your animal's mobility, increase their immunity and circulation and help to maintain your emotional connection.

The services are offered based from Kitsilano, West End, Yaletown downtown area to Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.